Monday, August 16, 2010

California, here I come

I leave to visit my aunt and uncle in Chico, CA this afternoon.  It's been a few years since I've been on a plane.  Today is thundering and lightening, which reminds me of the lightening storm I landed in in Omaha in 1997.  The last time I was on a plane, we were going to Pryor, OK to visit my other aunt and uncle and got way laid by a blizzard and re-routed to Branson, MO.  What fun that was trying to get a huge 747 to take off from a runway made for turboprops!  The turbulence was stomach turning.  The best flight I ever had was to Hawaii.  Big planes, lots of leg room, good company.  I could do that trip again in heartbeat.  Some friends and I are talking about doing that next year.  I am really amazed that I don't have to go to Denver to get the best airfare.  I fly out of town here and connect in Salt Lake.  Easy four hour ride both ways.  I was initially going to drive, that would've been four days.  Now I get more time with Judy and George.  We're going to Mt. Lassen and kayaking on the lakes in Chester after a grand touristy tour of Chico.  I look very forward to it.  Much needed vacation and rest.  It has been years in the making.

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