Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How come

How come when faced with a scary situation the first thing out of my mouth is holy crap or s@&# or F*$#.  Today, for the first time in the two years Callie and I have been hiking in Bangs Canyon, we saw a snake.  It wasn't teeny tiny, either.  It was a BIG mother!  Actually, Callie didn't see it, she was running ahead of me.  I'm glad she didn't see it, she may have chased it.  It slithered right in my path and I screamed holy hell!  I bet the entire town heard me.  I was close enough I could hear it hiss.  Another hiker I met told me it was probably a Gopher Snake.  He said there are a bunch up there.  All I can say was I couldn't get away fast enough.  I think it wanted as far away from me as possible too.  Probably thinking, "what is this screaming imbecile?!  I'm out here minding my own business and along come THIS?!  Ewwww!  I hope not to repeat an encounter like that anytime soon again!  An hour later I believe my heart rate has settled to near normal.

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