Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I was going through some old pictures, trying to clear out some memory on my hard drive.  I came across some good pictures that sum up how my life is through my animals.

This was Ozzie's last day.  I can tell from looking at the picture that I made the right choice to put him down.  His hips had given out and he was in a lot of pain.  He had been to hell and back with me.  I think because he knew I was okay, he could go.  This picture was taken with my neighbors dog right before I took him to the vet.  I had to lift him in the car, and it took two of us to carry him to the exam room.  I held him as he slipped away.  I do miss that dog.  He was a great friend.

Eight days later - Callie came into my life full throttle.  She hasn't eased up since!  What a ride!  I love all of her energy and unbridled enthusiasm for life and all it has to offer.  When I was going through the pictures, I cried looking at the pictures of the Great and Powerful Oz.  I started laughing out loud when I got to all the pictures of Callie.  Everyone should have a friend like this - who knows no bounds, and fears nothing!  A friend who hangs with you when your sick and runs with you when your healthy.  A friend who shows how great life can be and how fun it really is to be here no matter what you're doing.

Abbie has pretty much looked this way for two years.  I now sleep with one eye open.  She can't believe that I let this D-O-G (Callie) come home.  Even worse, I appear to take the dog away, but I keep bringing her back!  Who do I think runs this show?!

Last, but most certainly not least, is the Nicholas. He was grandma's cat.  She finally had to go to a nursing home.  She was instrumental in saving my life.  Since I could no longer help her, I saved her cat.  The ungrateful bastard walked into the house, put his paws behind his head and proceeded to tell us girls how it would be...he forgot...grandma had him declawed.  Once he became clear on his role, he has settled in nicely.  He loves to hang out in the backyard, now that we have a fence, and he loves to pretend he's the king of world when us girls aren't watching.  Otherwise, Nicholas is known as the "stalker".  He stalks everyone through the house so he doesn't miss any potential good happenings, but he tries to be quiet so we don't know he's there ready to pounce and run!

It's not much of a life, but its all mine.  Most days I'm pretty content with my little brood.  Other days I wish for more.  One of the things I know for sure...I am lucky to be here at all, so I must learn to live where I am and not worry about anything else.  It's all pretty good when snuggled up in bed and surrounded by my best friends.  They never let me forget that no matter what - they think I'm okay.

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