Sunday, November 21, 2010


As folks are out there celebrating Michael Vick's accomplishments on the field and looking to him as the possible MVP, let's remember the face of dog fighting.  I usually really like to celebrate the good news about pit bulls, but this showed up on my FB page last night.  Gypsy was found by the side of the road in North Carolina a number of years ago.  She is not a Vick dog, as has become urban myth.  The assessment is that she was used as a bait dog and then thrown on the side of the highway when the sociopaths were done with her.  She was picked up by a good Samaritan and taken to humanitarian doctors.  Although she had to undergo many surgery's and have a leg amputated, she was adopted out to a great human being who gave her a wonderful forever home, and I read she lived a full life.  Gypsy died last year.  Thank God there are good people out there who made the most of her ability to forgive and love.  Too bad there are people who would do this to an animal and think it's perfectly justified because "it's just a dog".  FYI,  other pits are not always what is used to train fighting dogs.  Your favorite and beloved pet could have been stolen.  These people are sick and methodical and they are out there despite our best efforts to ignore them and pretend they don't really exist.  Please don't close your eyes to this.  Please don't forget there are many innocent victims to human depravity, not all of them survive.  Just because it is a dog, in some ignorant minds, doesn't mean it ever deserves this.  

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