Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Obedience 101

Callie and I have completed basic obedience.  I got the thought one day out walking and she jumped on a lady who was hiking by herself.  Callie is very friendly and exuberant.  She loves everyone.  However, it dawned on me...finally...that unless I had better control of her, a day would come when she would scare someone.  It would escalate because of the way she looks, regardless of whether she's friendly or not.  So I signed up at "Angels in the Making" and work helped me out by making my schedule work with training.  I am grateful.  Callie tested 190 of a possible 200 points in obedience.  She didn't hold the wait/come command for a full minute.  At about 40 seconds she got bored and started walking towards me.  No matter, I am proud as can be of my girl.  She loved training and the interaction with other dogs, as always.  One dog there is a teeny-tiny chihuahua who was rescued from a puppy mill.  She had big problems with large dogs.  Callie brought her out of her shell and they had a fabulous time playing and working together!  What I love most is continuing to smash the pit bull stereotype of the killer dog.  I don't do anything nearly on the level of Bad Rap or Best Friends, or the many fabulous rescue groups on the front lines, but I believe that one by one, responsible pit owners can show the world these dogs are great pets, awesome companions and peaceful, loving dogs.

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