Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Interesting interview and so timely

A few days ago I added a link of a letter from Best Friends founder regarding Michael Vick and the state of his rehabilitated dogs.  Best Friends was very clear, Vick only made overtures to the dogs based on court order or in hopes of increasing his public personality.  Now he's talking about all of the things he's been accused of ignoring in the past.  Be willing to bet his publicist coached him about talking as he does in this interview.  It is unlikely that he really feels any of the things he's said.  Michael Vick really should be a non-issue at this point.  Maybe he will keep some inner city kids out of dog fighting, but he still lacks the credibility of the guys who came from the street and are now working towards the end of dog fighting in the inner city.  One of the federal attorneys on the Vick case said that they won't stop dog fighting, but they'll put a dent in it.  I still pray for the day when it ends. There are an awful lot of sociopaths involved in this heinous activity, and until they change their thinking, it will continue to be a serious fight. 

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