Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today is a milestone day

Today I close escrow on a town home for Callie, Abbie, Nicholas and me.  It is a big day and one certainly filled with mixed emotions.  I never believed I deserved anything good in my life and I set out to prove it. Boy, did I prove it, and then some.  Lost in the abyss of addiction and one bad choice after another because I couldn't stop drinking.  I wouldn't stop drinking.  I drove, systematically, everything and everyone I loved out of my life, some for good.  Three short years ago, I was standing at the crossroads the big book talks about and was literally looking at the choice of life or death.  Frankly, I was leaning towards death.  Somehow, something bigger than me pulled me from that deep, dark hole and saved my life.  I will be three years sober in July, and I am a grateful recovering alcoholic.  There are those that believe because of the choices I made while drinking, I don't deserve anything good in this life now or ever.  I question it sometimes to be sure.  I still don't think sometimes I deserve anything good.  The thing that comes to mind in this now sober head, is that I deserve what I work for.  When I was drinking, I didn't work at anything but drinking, so the results were what you'd expect.  For the last three years I have worked hard at my sobriety, a job, creating balance in my life and keeping my priorities straight.  I think I have succeeded in almost all areas because I know sobriety is my number one priority above absolutely everything else.  To those I loved and lost because of my choices then, I wish you well.  No matter what, I hope you find what you are looking for and that it brings you happiness and serenity.  I never thought I would walk this world without a partner, but I know now this path is mine to walk alone and  I believe that with my continued sobriety and the power of program, all will be well.

Friday, April 23, 2010

More hiking pictures - I think it will be a great summer!

Balancing rock

This rock looked like a face carved by God.

The Callie girl resting.  She is still so cute!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The Supreme Court has ruled a federal law designed to stop the sale and marketing of videos showing dog fights and other acts of animal cruelty is an unconstitutional violation of free speech.
The 8-1 decision was a defeat for animal rights groups and sponsors of the unusual congressional legislation.
The specific case before the court dealt with tapes showing pit bulldogs attacking other animals and one another in staged confrontations.
This is an incredibly outrageous and poor ruling.  George W. may not have done a lot of things right during his term in office, but one thing he did very correctly was sign a law making dog fighting a felony in all fifty states.  The sale and marketing of a video showing fighting and abuse is a direct violation of that law.  The people selling these videos staged and filmed animal abuse.  This is not a free speech issue.  This is a dog fighting and animal abuse issue.  The law is clear.  Breeding, training, staging and participating in dog fighting in any form is a felony.  Filming it is simply evidence.  The Supreme Court should not be allowed to hide behind the direct question curtain.  I ran into this with Amazon when discussing the sale of books on breeding, training and fighting dogs.  They came back the freedom of speech argument.  There has to be a line drawn in the sand.  Where does freedom of speech cross over and become a crime?  The more I think about it the more I believe, as long as no one is hurt, freedom of speech rules.  When intentionally compromising, using or abusing and killing another life of any form, it is not free speech, it is a crime.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Hiking

I am so glad spring is here!  Callie and I have had some terrific hikes over the last few days.  I got some great pictures.  My 12.1 MP Canon is a great camera.  I just need to learn to be a better photographer and we'll be in business...sharing spectacular photos that is.

Callie up in Bang's Canyon when there was still snow.

Mount Garfield in the distance.  It was a beautiful day and we could see the fog moving out of the valley.  We were in Devil's Canyon about ten miles from Garfield.

This tree is on a trail in Devi's Canyon.  I just like the way it looked.