Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thought for the day

For years I've made my life way too complicated. This morning I was thinking of how I've simplified it, and how it works so much better.

These are my life requirements at this time:

Vanilla creamer with my coffee, a good book in a warm bed on a cold night, and a daily walk with Callie. If I keep focused on these three things the rest of my day goes so much better. As frustrated as I can get sometimes with my situation, I can always back it up and do one of these three things to recenter and remind myself of what's important. I have a job, my family and a few friends. Bills are paid, credit is being rebuilt and my sobriety is allowing me to have a life. I have to remember things are as they should be and that is just fine.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall on the Mesa

Callie, Dana and I went up to the Mesa to check out the fall colors since color Sunday was last week. We weren't terribly impressed, but think it is a little early yet. We traveled Land's End Road instead of I-70 just for a change of scenery. I got some pretty good pictures, I think.

If you look at the front of the picture there is a chipmunk trying to get me to give him/her a peanut.

Looking back down Land's End Road. The road is dirt and loaded with switchbacks.

Some colors are starting to change, but it is still a little early.

In the distance is Grand Junction. Pretty cool.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Callie's Ears

Mom and I hiked up at Mica Mine yesterday. Mom got some good photos of the area and Callie's ears.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Callie and Nicholas

Nicholas has been with us for a few months now. Grandma has quit asking about him, so we're guessing she has forgotten him. More and more it is only things burned into her long term memory that she wants to talk about. She has become comfortable at Manty Heights. Mom bought her a comfortable chair, and the roommate she complained about unendingly she has made peace with and become somewhat protective of because Maybel is completely incapacitated by her Dementia. Everyone here has adjusted well. I was frustrated because the first few days with Nicholas were incredibly hard. He was so used to being the only pet and having complete run of the house. But that was only the first few days. Since then he has been a joy. He has shown affection to me, tolerates Callie and he and Abbie have claimed their respective corners and rarely tangle anymore.

Nicholas has taken over Callie's kennel. She rarely uses it anymore and he finds it a great private place to nap. Callie is content with the middle of the floor and a chewy to bide her time.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I just got back from a day in Ouray. I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful area of the country and that it's only two hours away to pure serenity. I've been on vacation this week and haven't done much other than hike around here because I'm working on a writing project that has to be submitted December 1st. It has gone well and so I took today to go up and soak myself in the hot springs and wander around one of my favorite towns. They call Ouray the Swiss Alps of the United States. It is easy to see why. Ouray is simply spectacular. Leaving Grand Junction, the San Juans are impressive from a distance. As I got closer to Ouray and the middle of the San Juans they became even more awe inspiring. Pretty soon those amazing mountains were wrapping themselves around me inviting me in. I love climbing to a higher altitude. There is something about thinner air that just relaxes me. I went directly to the pool and floated for about an hour looking all around me at the high mountain peaks. When I was done decompressing in the pools I wandered around town for a while. Went to the Backstreet Bagel company and had a bagel sandwich, the bookstore (of course) and a coffee shop for a warm drink. It was overcast and chilly there today and it rained while I was in the pools. Perfect weather to be in a hot spring frame of mind. I've been pretty content with this vacation. I've gotten done what I want to get done and had some time to get out of town. Tomorrow I'm off to Cedaredge to play golf with Mom and Dad. Then I have three more days to unwind before I hit the grind again. It has been so necessary and so worth it. I'll be glad to get back to work feeling rested and ready to go again for the fall.