Saturday, September 12, 2009

Callie and Nicholas

Nicholas has been with us for a few months now. Grandma has quit asking about him, so we're guessing she has forgotten him. More and more it is only things burned into her long term memory that she wants to talk about. She has become comfortable at Manty Heights. Mom bought her a comfortable chair, and the roommate she complained about unendingly she has made peace with and become somewhat protective of because Maybel is completely incapacitated by her Dementia. Everyone here has adjusted well. I was frustrated because the first few days with Nicholas were incredibly hard. He was so used to being the only pet and having complete run of the house. But that was only the first few days. Since then he has been a joy. He has shown affection to me, tolerates Callie and he and Abbie have claimed their respective corners and rarely tangle anymore.

Nicholas has taken over Callie's kennel. She rarely uses it anymore and he finds it a great private place to nap. Callie is content with the middle of the floor and a chewy to bide her time.

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