Friday, May 20, 2011

The Director of Harris County Animal Control needs to be replaced

I am no where near Houston, but this story makes my blood boil.  How dare this woman.  Who does she think she is?  There are a lot of problems in the animal shelter system.  This story is simply outrageous!  Ultimately, people need to take personal responsibility for their lives and those of the animals they profess to want.  That will likely never happen because of the nature of the useless human being.  Because people continue to be irresponsible and make their issues other people's problems, we need to have a safe haven for discarded animals and, sadly, the shelter system is the best we've come up with.  However, there are non-profit rescues out there willing to take on the hard work and be on the front lines saving companion animal lives every day, and the government needs to let them!  If the shelter is the first place for an animal to end up, it needs to be a place that animals are welcome and feel safe from this insanely cruel world!

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