Monday, February 8, 2010

Feeling Better

I'm feeling better today. I started planning my summer vacation. I'd like to take Callie and do a road trip to the southwest. It is actually a simple circuit when I looked at it. I just picked the places I wanted to go and it's a quick circle we can do in a week. I want to go to Moab for a night, then to Sedona for a couple of days and then I'd really like to visit Dogtown. Visit their website to learn more. It is a huge animal sanctuary in southern Utah that came to my attention when researching Callie. They took 22 of Michael Vick's dogs and have been working to rehabilitate them. They were instrumental in animal rescues after Katrina and have been on the ground in Haiti. This is an organization I can truly get behind: I'm a firm believer in shelter adoptions. They do the right things for the right reasons and I for one can support that wholeheartedly. The places I've picked to visit have pet friendly accommodations and no breed specific legislation. I have two weeks this year and I thought I'd take one week and hit the road with my favorite girl. She's pretty excited, except she doesn't know why :-).

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