Thursday, January 21, 2010

Colorado terrier scraps with large lizard Down Under - The Denver Post

"A Jack Russell terrier from Colorado, living temporarily in Australia with his owners, has been recognized by a pet insurance firm for triggering a 'most unusual' claim.

Jack, a 10-year-old male, tangled with a large lizard Down Under and the terrier was torn up in the October scrap.

Jack's claim, submitted by his owners, Jacquelin and Lance Throneberry of Denver, was among 80,000 submitted to Veterinary Pet Insurance Company in December, said Grant Biniasz, a spokesman with the California-based firm.

The claim was selected by VPI 'as the most unusual of the bunch.'

Jack received cuts on his front and hind legs that 'required multiple stitches, several staples and treatment with a series of antibiotics,' Biniasz said."

Other claims submitted in December considered the "most unusual" included: a mixed-breed dog who wolfed down 14 chocolate brownies; a cat who ate a toy mouse; a mixed-breed dog who swallowed a snake; a boxer who snarfed a rubber tire; a mixed-brred dog who was bit by a squirrel; and a Labrador who snacked on a slipper.

Good thing Callie only eats Croc' that is...

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