Saturday, January 9, 2010

Top ten things to do in Colorado before you die

This was an article in the Post yesterday. I love Colorado. I was born and raised here (with the exception of two years on the boat), and I would be okay if I died here. I would like to travel, but Colorado is my home and a terrific place to live and breath. I liked this list because as much as I've done, it's been about half of what's on the list. I'm back on my feet financially, so maybe this is the year to explore my backyard a little further.

1. Climb a fourteener. I've done that, but they were basic and not very interesting at the time, so maybe I'll go to Gunnison this summer.

2. Attend a Concert at Red Rocks. It amazes me that living here all my life, most of it in Boulder and Denver I have NEVER attended a concert at Red Rocks. The artists I've wanted to see are usually at Fiddler's Green. Maybe I need to become a John Tesh fan, he seems to be the only one who plays there. I've hiked up there and it is lovely. So on my list of to do.

3. Explore. This is a general category. They are referring to Mesa Verde, Ute Mountain Tribal Park and Cortez. I've been to Mesa Verde, but would like to go again. I think it is better preserved than Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, which I visited a few years ago.

4. Sink into Strawberry Park Hot Springs. This is in Steamboat. It has a reputation because you can skip swim suits at night. I like Ouray and Hot Sulpher Springs the best, but will settle for Glenwood in a pinch.

5. Visit Great Sand Dunes National Park. Driven past it a few times going to and from New Mexico. Maybe if I do this Ojo Caliente spa trip in the spring I'll go the Dunes then. So, on the to do list.

6. Listen to Elk Bugle. My ex-husband and I used to do this regularly. My parents have a cabin in Grand Lake, which is a very short distance from Rocky Mountain National Park and Elk Meadows. You have to go when the sun is setting and freeze your ass off, but it is the strangest haunting feeling to be standing in the middle of a meadow with Elk all around you and you can't see them and they start their mating calls. It is an incredible experience and well worth the freezing part.

7. Navigate a mountain road. I was raised in the mountains north of Boulder, so I did this on a daily basis. They were referring to Independence Pass, Mount Evans, Trail Ridge and Red Mountain Pass. I've driven all of them. The landscape is breathtaking and worth the gas.

8. Board a train. I haven't done that in years. I like that idea a lot. On the to do list.

9. Raft the Arkansas. Done that twice. The lower Arkansas known as the Royal Gorge. The first year the water was so low and slow it was like a float. The second year it was flat scary. Serious rapids, and strong discussion of closing the canyon as we were putting the rafts in the water. I'm glad they didn't close it, what a rush!

10. Touch Dinosaur Tracks. On the to do list. It's silly I haven't done it yet. I live in such close proximity to some of the greatest finds in the country.

No matter what there is always something neat to do around here. Even a day hike (which I do regularly when the weather cooperates) is just minutes away. I often go before I go to work. Life in Colorado is pretty good. I wouldn't trade it. I almost did once, but Good Orderly Direction intervened and I am home.


greener side said...

This a great "to do" list for Colorado. What an amazing state we live in. I agree that there is always something to do here and usually right out your back door. I have done a fair bit of exploring here but there is so much more to do and see. Thanks for more good ideas.

gjwriter said...

It wasn't me. I borrowed this directly from a Denver Post article. It gave me plenty of fuel for thought too. I agree, there is so much, we are so lucky and I love it more and more everyday!