Thursday, March 26, 2009

A perfect day

Yesterday I wanted to spend the day in my jammy's doing nothing. I didn't do that. Instead I took Callie out to Devil's Canyon and walked for a long time enjoying nature and the beauty surrounding me. I came home and completed chores and took a very long nap. Today I carried out my plan from yesterday, though I didn't stay in my PJ's. I got up and went to a meeting, a great way to start any day. I love what Ted Danson says, "everyone should be in a 12-step program". Well put. Then I came home and proceeded to do nothing. I watched "Finding Neverland" and got to thinking about my own writing and lately my clear avoidance of any of it. I researched James Barrie after the film and discovered some interesting things about him that are true for all successful writers. Writing was his priority, and any writers priority no matter what is happening in their life. Mine is sobriety, then I give lip service to my writing. I have found that if I am dutiful and disciplined, I can have more than one priority. So for the rest of the day I have focused on it. I sent my internal editor on a long hike off a short pier and went to work on a draft that has been in mind for some time. I have to believe that it will come together...somehow. It is a story that wants to be told. It shows up in my dreams on a regular basis, it follows me through the day, and peeks around the corner when I am in the midst of avoiding it. I don't have faith that I will ever be published, that would mean I would have to show someone my work! But I have faith that I will write with zeal again, no matter what, if I show up on the page. This afternoon I wandered out to Barnes & Noble and spent a significant amount of time looking at titles and authors and spent too much money...I consider it an investment...and wanted to be on the shelves...someday. This is an almost perfect day for me. To make it perfect I would have taken Callie for a hike again, but alas it was snowing and windy. The weather is a terrific predictor of whether I will spend time on the page or not. The worse the weather, the more bored I get and more my mind wanders to all that is possible when I am alone in the room.

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