Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Now for the good news

Believe in miracles and good deeds?

Best Friends trainer John Garcia, who was on Larry King Tuesday night with one of the dogs, Georgia, talked about their rehab with us before going on the TV show. "They're great dogs. We're setting them up for success," he says.

John Garcia gives Georgia a hug at Best Friends animal sanctuary north of Kanab, Utah. Her teeth were pulled out all together, probably to keep her from attacking while she was bred to produce litter after litter.

Best Friends, the largest no kill animal sanctuary in the USA, took 22 of the pit bulls in January 2008 when other groups called for their destruction and said they could not be rehabilitated. Garcia says all but two of the pit bulls will be sent to families eventually. Halle recently was adopted and Handsome Dan just went to a foster home. Only Meryl and Lucas will stay at Best Friends for the rest of their lives -- and that's due to court orders, Garcia says, more than anything else because they were prize fighters.

I watched Michael Vick's interview on 60-Minutes. There are skeptics out there who believe he is giving lip service to his contrition. Philadelphia generally is not happy that the Eagles signed him. I think that his celebrity status can help educate children about the brutality of dog fighting specifically, and maybe eventually reduce the numbers. Can he help end it? I doubt it. Human beings for some sick reason love bloodsport, whether human or animal. We are the only species that participate and encourage this destructive behavior. Michael Vick did appear humbled by what happened to him. When asked about losing his $130 million dollar contract and endless endorsements he stated, "I deserved it." He now has a tremendous responsibility, burden, and opportunity. I hope he is up to the task. As for the truth of what he feels, he is the only person who knows what is inside his head, and time will tell if he is committed to the job before him. If he is not committed, it will show, and it will show very soon. As for the dogs, they have done an incredible job of showing their tenacity and willingness to change, ability to adapt and perform amazing acts of forgiveness and kindness. Human beings should take a hard look at themselves and be so tough in the face of adversity.

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