Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We'll See

In a Tuesday morning appearance on ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike In The Morning, former NFL coach Tony Dungy talked about the interest in quarterback Mike Vick.

Said Dungy: "I think something's gonna happen this week." Dungy also explained that his comments from Sunday night's Hall of Fame game broadcast on NBC regarding the level of interest in Vick arises from the fact that a dozen NFL coaches have called Dungy for input on Vick.

Dungy said that Vick needs to "get with a football family," and that the sooner it happens, the better off Vick will be.

We agree.

If Vick had been with a team as of last week, we might not have seen his "interview" last weekend with Young Jeezy, which doesn't project the kind of change that people are looking for from Vick.As we explained yesterday, some of the teams that have said they aren't interested in Vick are actually pursuing him. We heard five teams are currently after him; Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that "at least five teams" are interested.

I guess I am going to be surprised. I won't be surprised until the ink is dry on a new contract. Apparently this "Interview" did not show Vick in a favorable light. I tried to view it and it has been removed.

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