Sunday, December 7, 2008

The last seven days

I was looking at the NaNo website this morning and was struck by what Chris Baty said he was feeling since the end of November: weird. Maybe it's because he's been doing the month long project for so many years, that he gets a sense of loss when it's over. I know there are other terrific things that his organization "Letters of Light" does throughout the year that keep him busy, but in that month long gig, he digs in like the rest of us and cranks out words that eventually shape novels.

Weird was the not word that went through my head when the project was done. I didn't have a word, just an AAAAAAA! (a big sigh of relief and sense of accomplishment). I was really glad I participated, and really glad when the end of the month came around. It was a huge push! Scraping every second I could out of a day to get some words typed. It was actually quite grueling on some days. But I'll likely do it again. And now that I have some experience under my belt with the support of the group, I may give it another shot on my own. Maybe January.....? The great thing about January is there are 31 whole extra 24 hours!

But the last seven days have been like a vacation. I get up go to a meeting, come home, walk Callie, get ready for work, go to work (I know...but I really like my job), come home, play with Callie for as long as I want, go to bed and read some mindless drivel before I doze off. Both of my days off, Callie and I hit Devil's Canyon. Absolute Blast! I've also been sleeping really well the last seven days! Sheer exhaustion? Maybe. Proud of myself for having achieved something I've wanted to do for so many years? Most definitely. Do I care that it will likely never be edited and never see the light of day? Nope. What I know for sure now is that I can do it! And the project that has been eating at me for a really long time is possible. January may be the month to begin it!

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