Monday, April 27, 2009

Callie got stuck on a cliff today

Well, sort of. We went out to Devil's Canyon today because I don't have to work until later and it's just the easiest way to wear her out...endless energy, that dog!! We went into the top entrance of the canyon and climbed down in, instead walking in from the bottom (confusing, but there are two ways into the hike). Even as cool as it was this morning, she got pretty warm out there. The desert, even the high desert is hard on little black dogs because the sun is so brutal, so quickly in the morning. I wanted to climb down to the arroyo because it had rained, and she was hot, and it would let her play in the very muddy water and cool off. We came back out the bottom side and I was on one side of the arroyo, Callie was on the other. Besides being a water dog and a stick dog, she fancies herself a rock climber, and climbed herself into a corner. I was busy getting myself down a rock and not watching her. Pretty soon I heard this whimper and looked across the arroyo. Callie had climbed onto a cliff and couldn't figure out how to get back down...dork! So I had to climb back up my rock and guide her back down her rock, and then get her to climb with me back down my was quite funny. Please don't misunderstand, these are not big rocks, but there are a couple I have to sit down to reach the floor of the canyon. I think she would have figured out how to get down eventually, but why bother when you mom is right there and can save the day for you! That little girl!


Anonymous said...

If you had just started to walk off, I bet she would have figured it out and caught up with you. Callie not a little girl. She is a strong girl. We had a shelty sheep dog that we put on top of my Dad's RV and he just got pissed and jumped off after about 5 minutes. I am still not sure how that Callie girl could get up there and then not get down. Sounds like prolonged exposure to Abigail Cat.

gjwriter said...

Abbie's going to claw your eyes out!!! She just told me. I'm sure she would have figured it out, but like I said, why bother when mom is there to do it for you?