Friday, June 6, 2008

Goodbye to the Great and Powerful Oz

My writing has been stalled by a death in the family. I lost my beloved Ozziedog finally to his crippling arthritis. He kept falling every couple of steps and couldn't go more than a few feet without being exhausted from pain. I couldn't watch him suffer any longer. I think he was in more pain than he let on, dogs don't like to show how much they're hurting. I put him down a week ago and picked up his ashes on Tuesday. I'll be taking him to our favorite hiking spot south of Boulder so he can play forever with whoever shows up there. I miss him horribly. I have the Abbie Cat, but the house feels empty without a dog. I'm on the hunt for a new rescue fruppie. The Humane Society is full of lovely dogs looking for a good home. I'm off work a couple of days next week and will go and visit. Abbie will be less than thrilled, but will adjust, and I will have a warm heart next to me to ease the pain of losing the truly best friend I've ever had. I swear he was an angel sent from heaven. He made my life so wonderful and full. I love that great dog so much! And I know the great thing about love is that my heart is big enough for anyone who wants a piece of it. I miss you Oz!

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