Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Writing schedule

So I've made the commitment to begin my book on June 1st, my birthday. I've worked out my schedule for the month and all things were working in my favor to make that happen. Of course, now, someone else has put a wrench in my tightly laid out plan. My landlord needs to do some work on the three apartments in my building. He had scheduled my work to be completed by May 31st. Now he pushed it back a day, meaning that he will be working on my apartment my first scheduled writing day! I'm not happy, but understand that sadly the best laid plans are all subject to things that are out of my control. So I may push my first writing day up two days so that I don't feel pressured and stressed to have to complete it on my first scheduled day. Like others in this world, I get mad when things I can't control interfere with things I want to do, but I must remember that even with writing, I must remain flexible and stay focused on the ultimate goal which is to get my book done!

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