Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2nd visit to the Mesa

I went up to the Mesa again today. It really is great having such beauty a half hour away. A friend wanted to see it, so off we went with Callie again. I also knew the colors I saw last week were not the end, only the beginning. The colors today were much more brilliant than last week, possibly because the reds are starting to show. My parents are going up this weekend to ride horses and I expect they will be in awe wherever they go. Callie did great as usual and I checked out more of Crag Crest, which is "the dog hike". I would like to hike the entire loop, but it is an eight hour hike so I need to start earlier and take someone with me who does these lengthy deals. Most likely my Mom. We have done some challenging hikes in our past and do them well together. I maintain that you have to hike to see this beauty, it can't been enjoyed thoroughly from the road.

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