Monday, February 16, 2009


Over the last year and a half I haven't been cooking much. My schedule doesn't really allow for a lot of time in the kitchen and it's always a challenge cooking for one person. I used to cook all the time and found it meditative. I loved trying new recipes and having a good meal. I try to keep things simple and have discovered some new things that I can do for myself that are really tasty and just the right size for me. Yesterday I marinated a flank steak in balsamic vinegar and olive oil and broiled it for about five minutes a side. Then I sauteed some spinach in olive oil and garlic and sliced the steak over the top. It was really filling and had a terrific flavor. It set my tone for the afternoon since I had to work a late shift. I found myself with more energy and not absolutely starving, which is a really bad feeling to have in a grocery store. I make a lot of bad choices there when I let myself get too hungry. Another favorite meal is broiled salmon with roasted red peppers and capers. You can buy peppers already roasted in a jar, but I love the flavor of roasting a pepper myself and enjoy peeling the burned skin off it after it's roasted. Yet another favorite is baked chicken breast with ginger and garlic and then I saute red cabbage wok style and serve the chicken over it. The possibilities are becoming endless once again for me. While I would like to cook for others, and I did enjoy it when I did, I am finding that cooking for myself is becoming really important with the economy and my own well-being. I also find that if I make the right dish, like vegetarian lasagne, it freezes beautifully and I can make twelve balanced meals out of one dish that takes about an hour to put together. One thing Suzy said to me is that if I add things to my diet, I might find myself feeling better. It is just as easy to walk to the produce department and grab an apple than it is to stand in front of the candy bars that I swear are screaming my name. They still scream, because I'm a sugar freak, but I can tune them out easier if my tummy is full. Progress, not perfection...I keep moving forward and will one day be able to balance myself out in my diet and in my life.

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