Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Michael Vick

I do a search every couple of days to find out the status on Vick's processing out of the federal pen into a halfway house. The media has gone silent on the topic, so I don't know what that means. But following is a link to an article opining that Vick should be able to return to the NFL. The comments got pretty heated, and I got sucked in for a minute. You can see my comments as gjwriter. This hokienomics idiot got me too riled up for my own good so I gave up. As I was re-reading this morning and looking at the other comments, a lot of people were put off by this person. For me, it reminded me too much of my ex, and I found myself feeling bad about my opinion, which is bullshit. In my communications with him (my ex), he seems to want to talk, and I buy in, and then next thing I know, I'm getting slammed for being a piece of shit. I decided to quit playing these peoples games, I value myself to much these days to let them make me feel bad about my opinions. Most of the time these types of people are not worth the effort. I think that is what most people decided about this hokienomics guy.

It is an interesting article. I had a couple of comments, but one is that the NFL really has to raise its standards across the board. They compromise too much and let players get away with too much because talent is hard to come by. Vick is simply one glaring example of self-will run riot.

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