Thursday, February 12, 2009

Miss Callie

It occurred to me today as Callie and I were out at Devil's Canyon that I haven't posted anything about her in a while. I've been focused on everything about her, namely Breed Specific Legislation, but have given no updates on what's happening with the girl herself. I guess that can be good and bad. She is getting older, but may have stopped growing, which is fine, I think she's just the perfect size. We haven't found any sporting groups here, but I haven't looked much because I'm just not seeing anything. I'd love to get her into an obstacle course group, she has great speed and incredible agility. I was watching her out hiking and she was making her own jumps and looked just like a dog I saw pictures of that belonged to Vick. That dogwas really enjoying his time on a course. She's smaller than those dogs and seems more interested in sticks than jumping, but likes all physical activity. She got some great social interaction today, there were a lot of dogs out there, all different breeds and temperaments. She seems oblivious to dogs that show some aggression to her, she just moves on to the next dog that will maybe play with her. We try to walk a lot everyday, it's really good for both of us, and she does really well with the EasyWalk harness I bought for her. She's happy with it, I'm happy with it, and it gives me leverage on her to keep her from pulling. She sleeps with me on the bed, and as I move, she moves in closer, so by morning I have about one quarter of the bed and she's flopped in the middle. All in all she has turned out to be the best dog ever, and I love her so much, and she knows it. She is incredibly affectionate, strongly willful, and terribly smart. I love that she is with the program no matter what and that she finds an exciting adventure in everything. I look at her and feel happy that she is in my life, and I wish I could give that love to every dog on the planet so that they didn't have to suffer some of the incredible injustices that they do. I realize in her how patient, tolerant and kind dogs are to us humans, many of whom often don't deserve that treatment. They don't judge, they don't hold grudges, they seldom get mad, all they want is a warm place to live, some love and bowl of kibbles to feast on. Everything else is icing on the cake.

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