Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Media

I have decided I hate the news media. I've always disliked them, but now it has crossed over to just plain hate. If they could get anything right, or not sensationalize beyond recognition it would be incredibly amazing. From my own local paper accusing a "Pit Bull of MAULING a 7 year old" to Jennifer Aniston snickering because Sean Penn won the Oscar for "Milk" over whatever Brad Pitt was nominated for.

The first one in the what I call the "Daily Senile" stated it was a "Pit Bull type dog". Which really could mean anything because Pit Bull itself is a misnomer attached to the American Staffordshire Terrier. The Pit Bull term comes from dogs used in 19th century England for what is called "Bull Baiting", which is an extremely barbaric act that was supposed to kill the bull in a stressful manner to, in theory, tenderize the meat. The most common dog used for that was the Staffordshire Bull Terrier because of their strength. When that practice was made illegal, owners turned to dog fighting as a form of sick entertainment that continues today, albeit illegally. That is where the Pit portion of the phrase comes from, and can be any dog in a Pit that is fighting. Sadly, today it is most commonly the American Staffordshire Terrier because of their sheer strength and intense desire to please their master, which can include fighting another dog to the death to get praise. I could go on for hours about this, but effectively the argument is that the media is extremely irresponsible in their reporting and we cannot count on them to report responsible news. They will stretch the truth as much as possible to sell papers, and unfortunately, incite witch hunters who are too stupid to form rational opinions regarding specific matters.

The second one about Jennifer Aniston, is actually what really made this make sense to me. Leave this woman alone! My heck, she and Brad Pitt have been divorced for almost a century now, and the media will not leave this threesome alone. There is a video attached to the story of her snickering as Sean Penn is announced as the Oscar winner. What's stupid about this snickering accusation is that she sitting right behind Sean Penn; why can't it be that she was simply happy for him. They likely spent some time visiting, getting to know each other, etc. But it has to be this BIG Jennifer vs. Brangelina deal! AAAGGGGHHHH!

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