Sunday, February 1, 2009

Breed Specific Legislation

This is a link to the Humane Society's web page regarding Breed Specific Legislation. Last night I got home from work and was reading some really negative views regarding what is considered the "Pit Bull Breed" and the "need" for Breed Specific Legislation. This morning I was looking for voices of reason and have so far found thousands, for which I am grateful. The link to the Humane Society page is most educational. The Humane Society has taken tough stances on what they consider dangerous breeds. However, they back that up with this link that discusses the difficulty in enforcing breed specific legislation as well as the human factor in creating "dangerous dogs". It also talks about the history of witch hunts which have gone from breed to breed, and argue, I think correctly, that once done killing all the "Pit Bulls", humans will move on to another breed. I argued that a couple of days ago here, so at least I know big organizations feel the pulse too.

The thing I found most educational is the definition of the "Pit Bull Breed". Most people, including me have associated it with the Stafford shire Terrier. I discovered this morning that that statement can encompass many strong breed dogs, but since the Staffordshire Terrier is the latest and greatest target of hysterical Americans, that is what people call "Pits".

The link I found this morning that I think I like the most is It contains links to several other websites and lists who is helping and who is hurting this breed. The creator of the website is like me, she ended up with an American Staffordshire Terrier by complete accident, and discovered it is the best dog she's ever had, and has since become an advocate for stopping this insanity that has been sweeping the nation. The other site that I cling to still and support as much as possible is

I also read last night that Michael Vick is being processed out of the Pen and into a halfway house in Newport News, VA. "He is scheduled to be released any day", the report said. He's hoping to begin working to revitalize his football career. I think, based on limited things that have been said (the NFL is remaining very tight-lipped about this), he is going to have a pretty tough time making it back. Dad thinks Vick will simply find that he is too old and out of shape to resume any kind of a career. It will be interesting to see it unfold. I know what I'm hoping, but it's not up to me.

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